RP-JAE Appeal
Welcome to the 2020 Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE) Online Appeal Portal for polytechnic full-time diploma and ITE Higher Nitec courses. Applicants who wish to make an appeal application may submit an appeal via this portal from 4 February 2020 (Tuesday), 9.00 am to 7 February 2020 (Friday), 4.00 pm.



The 2020 JAE Online Appeal is only open to applicants who have taken part in the 2020 JAE.

If you have not taken part in the 2020 JAE but would like to appeal for a place in the polytechnics or ITE, you will need to approach the institutions directly to submit an appeal.

In addition, the following groups are not eligible to submit an appeal via the 2020 JAE Online Appeal Portal:

  • Current Higher Nitec students
  • Recent Higher Nitec graduates, who had graduated on or after 1 May 2019
  • Students who had left their ITE courses due to disciplinary reasons within the past 2 years

If you belong to any of these groups, you should approach ITE directly for assistance. Any appeals posting of these individuals to ITE courses could be invalidated by ITE.



You may submit an appeal application for up to six polytechnic diploma and/or ITE Higher Nitec courses, where:

  • You have met the course's minimum entry requirements, and
  • Your aggregate score is equal to or better than that of the last student successfully posted into the course in the 2020 JAE.

You can view the last aggregate scores for the 2020 JAE under the Courses tab, from 4 February 2020 (Tuesday) onwards.

In the event that you are unsuccessful in obtaining a posting to any of your appeal choices and you do not already have a prior JAE posting, the system will aim to post you to an alternative course that is similar to your first-choice course of appeal (subject to available vacancies and you meeting the course's minimum entry requirements). For example, if you had chosen a course in a certain institution, you will first be considered for courses in that institution, before other courses.

If you do receive such an alternative offer, do consider it seriously as it will provide you an additional option for post-secondary education.



The result of your appeal will be released on 20 February 2020 (Thursday), 9.00am. You will receive an email and SMS notification to log into this portal to view your appeal outcome. Please access this portal to check on the outcome of your appeal by 24 February 2020, 12.00pm.

If you are offered a place in a polytechnic diploma course, you will receive further instructions on how to complete your enrolment from the respective polytechnic by post or email.

If you are offered a place in a Higher Nitec course, you will need to log into www.ite.edu.sg to accept your offer between 20 February 2020 (Thursday), 9.00am and 24 February 2020 (Monday), 12.00pm. You will receive a separate email from ITE with login instructions by 20 February 2020 (Thursday).

Note: If you have previously accepted a HIgher Nitec course offer between 4 February 2020 and 7 February 2020, and are offered a place in another Higher Nitec course, there is no need to accept your appeal offer as your course status will be updated automatically. You will be able to check your course status at www.ite.edu.sg.



  • Do consider your appeal carefully. If you already have a JAE posting to a polytechnic or ITE Higher Nitec course, your original posting will be automatically revoked if your appeal is successful. If your appeal is unsuccessful, your original posting will be retained.

  • If you change your mind after submitting an appeal, you will need to withdraw your appeal by 7 February 2020 (Friday), 4.00 pm.

  • Please log in only if you are the rightful NRIC/FIN holder. Each applicant has a maximum of 10 failed login attempts. If you exceed the maximum number of failed login attempts, your account will be locked. You will need to contact us at help@jaeappeal.edu.sg for further assistance.